Natural Courses

by Jason Allen

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YOUR FINEST HOUR Here we stand In a brand new place Seems like we all escaped This freedom feels like it always has Your disappearing act Was bound to change the power So where's your finest hour? Here goes everything Might as well start again You know? We're just learning to think In a different space It's there, there with you now So find your finest hour The reels go rolling on The same remains in song The masters in uniforms Are asking for ever more So where's your finest hour? Where's your finest hour now? It's true, all-new So beautifully made It's the state of the art I'm just feeling the love Like it's always been here You're here with me now So there's your finest hour The reels go rolling on The name remains in song The silence of solitude Has opened a door to you Now there's your finest hour There's your finest hour There's your finest hour Hup, 2, 3, 4
FREIGHTER TO DULUTH Hey you What you doing with your life? Wanna come make adventure with me? It's true I've been thinking that it's time We should run from the money and breathe So hey you It's up to you now If you approve We'll take a freighter to Duluth and stowaway What do you say now? Hey you baby This train's crazy We can ride it like we stole it again It's true maybe This plan's hazy But there's more to life than reaching the end Hey you We can't lose If you approve, babe We'll take a freighter to Duluth and run away What would you say? (Play the horns, James) Hey you Let's take a narrow boat And sail it over the weir On a high tide It's all good Yeah I've got nothing to hide We should be out there Living a good life Hey you Come on now We got the answer We'll take a freighter to Duluth and lose our minds All of the time So who knew? We got the proof We took the road from the ruin Now we're riding on a freighter to Duluth Ain't that the truth Watch what we do Hey you Hey, hey you We'll take a freighter to Duluth That's what we'll do
Lighten Up 02:41
LIGHTEN UP Well I've never hurt a fly And I've never killed a chicken Stealing cars was never quite my kind of style No avoidance of my duties No aggravating beauties Just a regulated, wholesome kind of guy But lately I've been sensing on The need for my defences 'Cos the flack round here Is getting pretty wild Keep calm, walk away Lighten up and give yourself a break Well I've rescued stricken sheep From quagmires ankle deep And I've helped the injured bats Around my place I'm quick to do good deeds Praise the birds and give 'em feed I'm a kindly-natured man of honest ways But lately I've been moaning 'Bout the anger that's been growing From the poison pens Of folks who should know best Keep calm, walk away Lighten up and give yourself a break Well I've had my share of luck I've been hopelessly in love Yeah I've met some scary ladies on the trail Some 'preciation for the good guys Wouldn't go amiss in my life 'Cos not every man is out to give you hell But lately I've been thinking That the good ship 'Love' is sinking 'Neath the stormy seas Just off the coast of peace Keep calm, hold your hat Lighten up 'Cos the good guys aren't all bad Get the hell out of your own damn way There's one thing that I'll say to you Take my advice and get lost with your curfew And that's all
EL DORADO IS BURNING DOWN Pushed the post And pulled that pillar down Shook the ghost That ruled the winter land The lives and times of unknown people Avoiding floods By climbing up their steeples What will they tell you next? In this world Half the time they're talking lies Not listening to you They're not listening to you now El Dorado is burning down Golden flames are lighting up the town Maybe it's all finished here? Maybe these roads won't end? Carry us back to the glory years And watch them come around again What will they sell you next? In this world Half the size and twice the price They're not not giving it to you No, not giving in to you Watch them nail their colours to the mast Of a ship that doesn't fly their flag Loving just another hopeless cause While the fools are never quite that mad What will they tell you next? In this world Half the time they're talking lies Not listening to you They're not listening to you now Your El Dorado - it's burning down
KINGFISHER AND ME Kingfisher and me We've got places to be Down in the valley Where the river runs free Me and the otter We both know what's best Peacefully working When the sun's headed west The pheasant and I We don't care much to fly Pacing the pasture In the last of the light While the vixen and me Know our paths shouldn't meet Respectfully distanced Patrolling our beats Me and the barn owl Keep the same hours Awakened in the moonlight For the darkness is ours When star light glows in flowers In flowers Kingfisher and me Often heard, seldom seen Enjoying the quiet life Where the limelight won't reach Now we've heard it said That there's no finer place So forgive us our sins As we set down to stay Where star light knows the way Where star light glows we'll stay We'll stay Starlight will show us the way Where starlight knows the way Where starlight knows the way Where starlight knows the way Sing it out now!
JUST LIKE THE SUN Don't make this out to be nothing Some things are simpler than that Delusions of grandeur are hopeless If methods are flawed to a man In spite of the mongers of doom We are able to be Regardless of laws that deny you The right to your peace Through seasons of sadness In search of a meaning in all of this mess We'll heave through the madness Seemingly trudge to The Man and confess With feelings and glimpses of past lives We'll share the same sky For there's always a reason for meetings Of kind-hearted minds See sheep awake Will sheep run home To be worn? In darkness and shadows We face to the front and proceed in a line While under the surface We muster the fight in us Reaching for knives Why suffer in silence And cling to the raft for our lives? As they watch from the shoreline Too selfish to throw us a line While they spin us a yarn That they're helpless to save us This time Just like the sun we will rise Just like the sun we will rise
GUIDE THE GOOD FOLK HOME There goes the man With a head full of good thoughts He keeps a smile for those he meets He carries love with him Everywhere he walks He's got good ground beneath his feet There goes the man With no race to run but life He's making progress every day There goes the girl With the flowers in her long blonde hair She's into cloudy weather songs She dreams in poetry And wants to meet him there She's hoping that it won't take long There goes the woman With an eye for all that's good She's got a kind way with the world She's making plans for future days Here's to the lonely ones In every walk of life It's not a crime to be so lost Maybe one day both their paths Might cross There go the good folk Through the countryside They value everything they dream It took some time But every story has a scribe It's true, that much is plain to see There's nothing better Than a soul to save the good It helps to know you're not alone They're making plans to call it home There's a light to guide the good folk home There's a light to guide you on There's a light to guide the good folk home There's a light to guide Yeah There's a light to guide the good folk There's a light to guide the good folk There's a light to guide the good folk home Yeah
START THE CAR Your gold is fair game I could stake a claim in your domain I'm in no rush but I'm not waiting long My kind of prophecy Keeps selling me your property I'm all ears And always switched on, hands-on Start the car Pack your bags Face the road Hit the gas I got that feeling I could Serve some time in your confines I'm not quite done with this I must admit Can't dress this up in any other way So hear me say You only knew the half of it Not the best bit Start the car Pack your bags Face the road Hit the gas No time to waste No cash to burn No lack of taste No lessons learned here It's like I'm floating on a sea of yours This place is pure Let's try the bad and take the good stuff next I'm moving through this space aligned It counts in double time Can't crash this land If I'm not good to go with SFX No place to be No axe to grind No need to keep These antiquated borderlines You got that body working Over time on all the lines
For The Good 03:12
FOR THE GOOD Hey Mr Bird Have you heard? They don't believe a note you sing They never listen anyway Some miss the world And that's okay now They never found a peaceful place Something in the air has changed For the good Once in a while Is just enough In spite of what the people say It's fine to live your own sweet way Some see the truth In different places If everybody thinks that way Then something in the air has changed For the good For the good Don't be so cruel If the hill won't house a fool Don't be so blind Not to see the good intent In their eyes So hey Mr Bird Please be heard now Sing the songs that freedom gave High above the cool green glade Hey Mrs Chew I'm glad you knew I never meant to think that way Now something in the air has changed For the good
THE PROVIDENCE TREE Still we dream of simpler days Rolling onwards through the haze From the blue skies love arrived Then all I knew Was bathed in your light We were helpless We were caught As the good ground broke our fall You convey, I obey There we go There we go In the half light I watched you sing As the winter reached for spring Every sunset from now on Will remind me of your sweet song You convey and I obey Where's there's silence You'll find me Under the branches Of the Providence Tree I'll come back to you again Now we know There we go In this mad world of wanton greed I'll be waiting by the Providence Tree There we lay in Nature's place Still together face to face You and I The love of lives There we go There we go
Gable Weir 04:56
GABLE WEIR Up on the hill our tree is gone Still the names remain in song We'll take the waypoint once again When time unites us at the end When the time of day is here I'll meet you down on Gable Weir When the time of day is here I'll meet you down on Gable Weir Got some things to ask you there Questions from the you-know-where Answers needed from above Everybody sends their love Everybody sends their love Everybody's here Here's to all the good times won And here's to friends and setting suns Memories of former lives We'll keep your burning flame alight We'll keep your burning flame alight Come the day, Brother And in the fading light of dusk I'll see your face forever young Walking on that lonesome mile I'll doff my cap and cast a smile When the time of asking's near I'll meet you down on Gable Weir Come the day my Brother dear I'll meet you down on Gable Weir May the road rise up to meet you We'll all be there to greet you Fare thee well Go easy my friend and fare thee well


"Following the laboured completion of my album Disappearing Act in December 2020, I returned to writing in late February 2021, armed with the benefits of several months of intense guitar practice, and another lockdown.

A host of new songs began to quickly emerge. It soon dawned on me that I was enjoying the freedom of making music in whatever styles came my way via Lady Inspiration. Recording music became fun again.

This organic bunch of ditties was crafted with a smile on my face, hewn from the surroundings of the place in which I live and breathe. It was made in Somerset."

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jason Allen, February to May 2021. Recording commenced 16th March 2021. Mixes completed 18th May 2021. Organically grown in Somerset, England.


released June 1, 2021

Jason Allen - vocals, harmony vocals, electric & acoustic guitars,
bass guitar, dobro, piano, keyboards, drums, cajon, percussion,
harmonica, ebow, kazoo, programming, field recordings, lyrics.


all rights reserved



Jason Allen England, UK

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Somerset, England. Jason has written and self-recorded multiple solo albums and EPs, the most recent of which (June 2021) is Natural Courses.

More information can be found at
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